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Information Collected From You

When you create an account on our site, we collect data, including personal information. We understand the importance of protecting your information, and we work hard to ensure your privacy is protected.

Safari Ratings collects information through participation in services or using tools in the sites, voluntary submissions, third-party sites when you consent, and cookies and tracking technologies. Some of the information that we collect includes your names, email address, telephone number, postal address, username, and password for accessing the site.

You are not under obligation to avail any data when browsing our site, but you have to provide some basic information to access some website features. If you want to make an inquiry or initiate a transaction, we will need the information to process your request.

Our privacy policy prohibits us from sharing, selling, or renting your email address. You will not receive an email from us unless you permit us to email you. However, an email is necessary for the following circumstances:

When you forget your password, we will send the recovery instructions for resetting your password through email.

When you permit us to send you our newsletter, you will receive it via email. However, you have complete control, and you can set the frequency of receiving the newsletters or de-activate the feature. Every email comes with an option to unsubscribe.

When you enquire or fill the contact forms, our support team will get in touch with you via email to respond to your queries.

When we have crucial information to share with our users, we communicate via email. For instance, if the company is sold and the new owner will have access to your information, we will give you a heads up to delete your account or retain the information. Note: Adverts and commercial messages are not classified as necessary information, and we will not send spam emails.

Personal Information

Personal information is necessary to avail the services you have requested, but we stick to basic information like full name, physical address, phone number, and email address. Some of the methods of collecting personal information include:

Submission of user reviews: When you submit your review to our website, we will require your username and request other personally identifying details like country, phone number, and email address. If other users want to ask follow-up questions on your review, we will reach out to you for comment.

Email inquiry forms: We provide email forms for contacting the tour operators directly when you want to enquire about their services, accommodation, and booking service. When you send an email to the tour operators, we will receive a copy for future references.

Contact us forms: When you want to contact Safari Ratings directly for complaints or provide feedback, you have to fill in the contact information with your details. We use the email you provide to respond to your queries.

Information About Others

What happens if you want to share another person's contact information on our website? You should seek permission from them before posting the details on the Safari Ratings website.

Information From Service Providers and Third-Party Sources

Sometimes, we gain access to your data through our business partners or affiliate sites. Independent third-party sources can also provide relevant information about you. When you visit the Safari Ratings site through an affiliate site with which you have an account, we may obtain contact and demographic information from the third-party site.

Automatic Information

Every time you browse our website from your device, we collect some data from your interaction with our services. Some of the information includes IP address, referral website, and browser software. We may also obtain data on your activities on our site. The data helps us tailor your experience and provide a better experience.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Cookies are text files that allow users ongoing access to the website. Safari Ratings uses cookies to recognize repeat internet users since the identifying data texts are stored in the computer. Our site uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • To remember your browser and recognize any preferences that you saved when you accessed our site. For instance, cookies remember your registration details, and you do not need to go through the sign-in process every time you want to use our site. However, we encrypt your personal information and membership details to ensure it is secure from unauthorized access.
  • We use cookies to figure out how to provide better service. For instance, we measure the effectiveness of our website resources through your interactions with our adverts, email communications, and various pages on our site. The information helps optimize your features to suit your needs.

If you want to disable cookies or deter your browser from accepting other cookies, use the Help function on your browser. You will find instructions on disabling cookies and setting notifications for new cookies. Note: Some of our services are unavailable when you prevent your browser from accepting new cookies.

Apart from web cookies, we may use web beacons, tiny unique identifiers with the same function as cookies. Web beacons are buried in the webpage code to monitor traffic patterns on different pages of the website. Together with cookies, we can use the information to identify the referring website, whether you clicked through to our site from an advert or a third-party website. We may also permit our service providers to use web beacons to track visitor traffic and activities on a page. The beacons can also help us understand the effectiveness of email marketing; we can track the opened emails, the duration before opening, and emails left unopened.

How Our Site Uses Your Information

All the information we collect has a purpose; some of the uses include: creating new accounts, managing user accounts, and facilitating access to various tools and services on our site. The information helps us communicate with you, including accepting reviews from users and publishing them in our forum. We can also adequately respond to your queries and come up with ways to improve our services by studying your interactions. We will record your preferences from the data collected and provide notifications on offers and deals available on our site or from our partners.

We may also reach out to solicit data through surveys or troubleshoot problems in the system. If there is a dispute, the stored information will be helpful evidence for finding a resolution. Data collection also helps us in preventing unlawful activities on our site and enforcing our Terms of Use.

How to Access Your Information

We take precautions to ensure all the information collected is relevant and accurate for its intended use. That is why you have a right to access the data and update it whenever you want. Visit your account page to access the information, confirm its accuracy and relevance to ensure we have the necessary data.

You are free to close your Safari Ratings account anytime by filling out a contact form or requesting your personal information via email. We send a notification to confirm your request and provide instructions for closing your account. Once you close the account, you cannot access Safari Ratings services, and you cannot sign in or get your personal information. However, you are welcome to create a new account at any time.

Please note: We may store some of your data in our archives for recordkeeping integrity and data analysis.

Protection of Your Personal Information

Safari Ratings is committed to data protection to give you the confidence to use our site. We have taken the necessary technical and physical security measures to ensure data privacy. While we cannot guarantee 100% security, the implemented security procedures ensure your information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Only authorized employees can access their personal information. We also have intrusion detection systems and firewalls to ensure only authorized persons access the information for business functions only. When transmitting your data between your system and ours, we use encryption to protect it from prying eyes.

Children’s Privacy

At Safari Ratings, we do not collect information from children under 13 years. If we realize information sent to us belongs to a minor, we will delete the data immediately. Besides, we do not publish information directed to children or offer services to anyone below the legal age.

External Links

At some point, Safari Ratings may provide external links in its publications. This privacy policy does not provide data protection when using third-party sources and external links. We will not be responsible for breaches in privacy from external links accessed through our sites. Therefore, you should examine their privacy policies, especially concerning how they collect, use and handle personal information before disclosing your personal data.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

Safari Ratings reserves the right to amend or update this Privacy Policy anytime without notice. Therefore, ensure you read the latest privacy statement.

How You Can Contact Us

If you have inquiries or questions pertaining to this Privacy Statement, you can contact us through our Safari Ratings Contact Page or email us directly.

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