Aberdare National Park

What You Should Know About Aberdare National Park


It is a protected area covering sections of Nyeri and Nyandarua Counties in Central Kenya. The national park's name is from the mountain ranges where the park stands. Slopes on the national park give tourists a vantage position when viewing the animals when they come to water. However, they have to be keen since the forest cover is dense. The pristine forest habitat is conducive for a significant number of wild animals.



  • Ample for tree hotels which enhances animal viewing.
  • Excellent for game photoshoots.
  • Tourists can go hiking with a guide.
  • Many wild animals within the park.
  • Beautiful sceneries, thanks to the forest cover.
  • Tourists get a chance to see rare nocturnal animals.



  • Always packed, especially during high season.
  • Tree hotels have small rooms.
  • The climate is not conducive for extended stays.


What Animals Live in the Aberdare National Park?

Luckily, the majority of the wild animals here and are easily spotted. The Big 5, especially buffalo and elephant, are common in the national park. Keen tourists can spot leopards, although they stay in high altitude areas. Others include the Columbus monkey, waterbuck, and hyenas. It also houses a variety of birds and breath-taking sceneries.


What Is the Best Time to Visit Aberdare National Park?

The Aberdare mountain ranges are habitable all-round the year. However, the heavy rains between April/May and October make the park unconducive for game drives. The preferred time to visit is June to September, and January to March. For the records, the park receives visitors between June and October. For an enjoyable experience, leverage between seasons and the tourism calendar. Also, based on your preference, organize the game drives either morning or evening.


What Is the Weather Pattern in the Aberdare National Park?

The mountain climate can be harsh, especially to those from relatively dry areas. Light showers, heavy rains, and sunny days characterize the Aberdare climate all year long. June, July, August, and September are the driest months with sunny days and light showers, while April to May and October are the coldest. If you are planning to visit, June to September is the best time to visit.

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