Hell’S Gate National Park

What You Should Know About Hell’s Gate National Park


It is an extension of Lake Naivasha and consists of sandstone cliffs and bare plains. Located about 123 kilometers North East of Nairobi, the mark combines human activities and animal viewing. The park has lovely sceneries, especially the plains and the rocks. However, it is relatively small, but rock climbing, biking, and hiking are the main activities.



  • You can travel from Nairobi to Hell’s Gate and back in a day.
  • The park is human-friendly, where walking and cycling are permitted.
  • Room for outdoor activities.
  • Affordable accommodation is available from the nearly Naivasha town.
  • Breath-taking volcanic sceneries



  • A limited number of wild animals present.
  • Few game drives since the park is smaller.


What Animals Live in Hell’s Gate National Park?

It is a small park with less wildlife. Of the Big 5 animals, buffaloes are the only animals seen, although rare. Leopards are also within the vicinity but scarce, especially during the day. However, zebras, Thompson gazelles, olive baboons dik-dik, mountain reedbuck, and eland hartebeest are common. The park also has hyenas and cheetahs, although very rare.


What Is the Best Time to Visit Hell’s Gate National Park?

The beauty of the park is the unguided tours. Tourists can go any time of the year for hiking and cycling. However, for wildlife viewing, the best time is between June and October, when the weather is friendly, and the grass in the plains is short. Contrary to other parks, the wet climate starts from early November to the end of May.


What Is the Weather in Hell’s Gate National Park?

The park experiences a hot and wet equatorial climate, characterized by two rainy seasons throughout the year. Temperatures are consistent around the year, with rainy seasons between March and May (long rains) and late October and November (short rains). Short rains have alternating sunny and light showers, which still allow game drives within the park. The dry season comes between June to early October.

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