Kora National Park

What You Should Know About Kora National Park


Located about 280 km North-East of Nairobi, Kora National Park is a protected area in Kenya's tourism circuit. The national park got its lifelines from the former Famous wildlife conservationist George Adamson. He spearheaded the anti-poaching campaign in the 1980s-1990s, which cost his life. The National Park is celebrated in his name and is one of the untouched wilderness since then.  



  • One of the best wilderness game drives in Kenya
  • Access to River Tana, one of the longest in Kenya.
  • Has protected sites to reminiscence the works and life of Adamson.
  • Has a variety of birds.



  • No accommodation or camping sites in the park.
  • Unfavorable conditions for habitation.


What Animals Live in the Kora National Park?

The proximity between Kora and other parks makes it easier for animals to move around. The Big 5 animals roam between the parks, although the prevalence is lower, thanks to the poaching threat. Others include hippos, hyenas, and several species of antelopes. It is also a good park for birding. Besides the wildlife experience and sceneries, the bush experience also stands out. 


What Is the Best Time to Visit Kora National Park?

The national park is accessible by road, although the roads are impassable during the rainy season. Moreover, the grass is long, making it impossible to spot animals. June to September is the dry season, which is the best time to visit the park. Look for a 4X4 vehicle to fully navigate the area with ease.


What Is the Weather Pattern in the Kora National Park?

The conditions in the park are hot and wet, typical of the countries weather patterns. June to October has the dry months, although they are also the coldest. November and December experience short rains while March through to May receives the long rains. Visibility is poor, making it hard to enjoy a game drive during the wet season. When planning to visit the park, consider these patterns to avoid any hurdles during the tour.

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